Community attitudes towards prostate cancer

Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia's Community Attitudes Survey has its origins in market research for the Be a Man awareness campaign. In 2012, its 10th anniversary, I helped PCFA to rethink and reposition the survey and to publish the results for the first time. The report Research, Awareness, Support: Ten Years of Progress in Prostate Cancer focuses on three key issues: awareness of prostate cancer as an important health issue, attitudes towards testing for prostate cancer and attitudes towards available support services.

The report was successfully launched in September 2012 at the State Library of NSW to an audience of politicians, leading academics, senior public servants, representatives of Cancer Australia and Cancer Council NSW, donors and prostate cancer support group members.

In 2013 I helped PCFA to reposition the survey once again, this time to focus on the attitudes of men aged 18 to 50 towards prostate cancer. The 2013 survey also marked the first time PCFA asked participants whether prostate cancer information should be available in languages other than English and found that almost two-thirds were in favour.

As a result, in 2014, PCFA decided to conduct research into the attitudes and experiences towards prostate cancer of men whose first language is Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Italian or Vietnamese. These languages were chosen because, after English, they are the five most commonly spoken languages at home in Australia. The research findings were used to guide the process of translating key existing PCFA resources into these languages.

I was appointed to develop the survey, source an appropriate multicultural agency to translate and focus group test the resources, manage the agency and assist with writing the report. The report entitled Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities and Prostate Cancer was launched in September 2014 at The Mint in Sydney.

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Skills: Market Research, Survey Development, Copywriting, Project Management, Design Briefing, Multicultural Agency Management, Launch Event Organisation