Rapid, convenient and confidential health screening

PreventionXpress is a Victorian company that specialises in the delivery of preventative health strategies through the provision of health screens. They are one of the first companies in Australia to pioneer rapid, convenient and confidential health screening processes in a range of workplaces, industry sectors and community settings.

I was engaged to develop an integrated marketing plan for preventionXpress to assist them in expanding their business. I developed an innovative way of enabling them to tell their story consistently, irrespective of who is presenting it, through the development of a video brochure.

I developed a script designed to be an engaging story that explained the preventionXpress process, from which we produced a video and integrated it into a brochure designed to hold a tailored proposal and business card. This assisted preventionXpress to be able to more readily approach businesses through their various business partners, significantly reducing costs.

Skills: Marketing Plan, Business to Business Planning, Video Brochure Production