Think of what you're really gambling with

In 2000 the Victorian Government tendered the creation and production of a new campaign to target problem gamblers. A new campaign was needed because

  • The existing campaign was underperforming
  • Gambling services were suffering from a poor brand profile
  • The different services had multiple brand names such as ‘Break Even’ and ‘G-Line’.

After undertaking comprehensive research, we came to understand that as a gambler you stand to risk much more than just money. You risk losing the love and support of family and friends and, in the end, your own sense of self-worth. This led to the campaign tagline and overall approach: ‘Think of what you’re really gambling with’.

The campaign was regarded as one of the most highly effective health campaigns ever conducted by any state government and was subsequently adopted by the governments of New South Wales and South Australia.

Skills: Market Research and Focus Groups, Strategy, Creative Concept Development, Television, Digital, Radio, Print, Outdoor, Convenience Advertising, Collateral, Multicultural Marketing